Saturday, 31 July 2010

That time of the month....

If there's one night of the month I can always count on to have a reet good rave-up it's Spectrum. Quality house, electro & techno come as standard but it's the uber-friendly atmosphere that sets it apart. You may arrive knowing no one but by the time you leave you'll have a bunch of new pals that are ALWAYS up for an afterparty. Residents B-Tone & Aymard usually open and close the night while in-between you can expect some of Glasgow's freshest DJ & live talent to shake things up.


Up and coming mega talent Borg will be warming up the room from 11 with some cut choice beats to tempt you to the dancefloor, I make my Spectrum debut at midnight, saying ta ta to an undecidely shit July and welcoming in August with some seriously hot tunage, I've been storing up some big basslines for this, trust! Leigh Myles will then be getting hot and heavy with a mixture of live sampling, looping and layering as she takes us on a journey of musical enlightment through mesmerising vocals and haunting soundscapes. Truly can't wait to see her in action!

Check out this youtube clip and get excited:

As per usual you can also expect live art in a bass heavy environment and the pre party at McChuills features a debut live perfomance from Death By Misadventure!

Do you need much more convincing??

Who: B-Tone, Leigh Myles (Live), Aymard, Vianassa, Borg, Death By Misadventure (live)
What: Spectrum @ Blackfriars Basement (Merchant City)
When: 11-3am (Pre Party @ McChuills 8-11pm)

Spectrum Facebook Event
Leigh Myles on Myspace
Death By Misadventure on Facebook
B-Tone on Facebook

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Summer vibes...

After an utterly disappointing July which was more Autumnal than anything else, I'm holding out hope that August is going to be an absolute scorcher. Here are some of the tunes that are going to provide the soundtrack....

Aeroplane may be a man down, but thankfully Vito is continuing the good work....and this new track leaked from his (their?) debut album is absolute gold. What makes Aeroplane so consistently creative is their ability to turn disco on it's head and make it sound utterly irresistible. Already Pete Tong's 'Essential New Tune' and described as 'Fleetwood Mac meets Jools Holland', this is the sensational 'Superstar'...

Aeroplane - Superstar

At the end of the year, if someone asks me who my producer of the year is I know exactly who I'm going to say. Tensnake has already made the disco record of the year with 'Comacat' and he continues to produce dynamite remixes left, right and centre. Coming straight from the early 90's (it even samples C+C Music Factory) via a 2010 cosmic gloss this is his sun-soaked remix of 'Reckless For Your Love' by Azari & III.

Azari & III - Reckless For Your Love (Tensnake Remix)

The recent surge of Boys Noize remixes have come as a pleasent & refreshing surprise, dropping the tempo to the low 120's he's taken songs by the likes of The Chemical Brothers and given them an edge which makes them more accessible for the dancefloor but still maintaining the glittery appeal of the original. Here is a perfect example on The Scissor Sisters 'Invisible Light'...

Scissor Sisters - Invisible Light (Boys Noize Remix)

Ok, lifting the tempo, but keeping it blissfully liquid, London D&B producer Utah Jazz has given the Quincy Jones classic 'Summer In The City' a gorgeous re-lick, dropping in the vocals from The Pharcyde's 'Passing Me By' to take the song even higher. This is only available on vinyl but I managed to source a half-decent mp3. BBQ anyone?

Utah Jazz - Quincy (Pharcyde Vocal Mix)

Finally, a nice uplifting remix of rising star Tinashe by Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs...the combination of a big, rounded bassline and an outstanding vocal sample makes this pretty golden. TEED has been a bit of fixture this summer and I can sense this becoming somewhat of a mainstay for the likes of Aeroplane et al...

Tinashe - Saved (TEED Remix)

Sunday, 25 July 2010

One weekend off...

The first weekend I've not been partying in months and only now, with no usual Sunday hangover can I start to look forward to this Saturday's Spectrum. The fact that I've abstained this weekend is going to make it even sweeter...look out for a more detailed post about the event later in the week.

In the meantime though, I've spent a lot of time on Soundcloud this weekend sniffing out some hot local music and here's a few of the best:

Firstly something strangely therapeutic from Monograph Record's ESQ, 'Meet Me' is the new single and while there's a hard electro undercurrent to this song, a lovely series of bleeps & blips dance over the top making it quite an introspective listen. Most importantly this is a free download from Monograph Records so go show some support!

Meet Me by Esq

ESQ - Meet Me: Free Download

Staying on a 'chillectro' tip (have I just coined a new genre? - let's hope not) Megamegaman has given El Mondo's track 'Tywyfflyd' the remix treatment with a sound that is comparable to a Gameboy hitting puberty (a compliment if your reading this Mega). Get lost in six minutes of spiralling vocals & cosmic digitising...

Tywyllfyd feat El Mondo by Megamegaman

Next: Some big fat fucking dubstep. A remix of Tempa T's 'Next Hype' by Kid Robotik. The accapella has been knocking about in various forms for some time now but I think it's found a true home on Robotik's grime-step instrumental. Prepare to pull a heavy screwface as Tempa's flow gets nasty and Robotik's sub bass get's even nastier. Menacing to say the least....

Tempa T - Next Hype (Kid Robotik Remix) by Kid Robotik

Last but not least a fully energised remix of MC Freeflow by the Dirty Basement boys. With a big fat pulsating bassline, an infectious piano loop which nestles comfortably in the background and vocal chops that bury inside your head like an exotic insect this is an out and out peak-time monster lying in wait. Look out for the full release on Yeah Man Records very soon!

MC Freeflow - Shoes On (Dirty Basement Remix) by dirtybasement

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

What you talkin' bout fool?

For one night only bastard sons of bass Dirty Noise join forces with the grand-daddy of wibble-wobble electro, PMcQ to bring two of Holland's most outrageous party boys, Mightyfools to Glasgow. Expect a tirade of filth-jackin' nonsense as this collection of disgruntled misfits turn Stereo into a complete and utter circus.

If you like your beats flamin', your taps aff and your pits sweaty then this is simply unmissable. Mighty Fools have been harrassing everyone's top 10 recently with big, fist-pumpin' basslines & phsychotic drops that are sure to get your knickers in a twist. They've got no time stragglers, either you came to party or you'll be laughed off the dancefloor.

Add to that maxi-talented local producer and all-round heavy hitter Mausr and your looking at an out and out mega-skirmish. Shit kicks off tonight at 10.30 so if you've found your Thursday nights being a little dull recently then go smother yourself in dutch-house.

What: Dirty Noise & Muck present: MIGHTYFOOLS
Who: MIGHTYFOOLS, PMcQ, Mausr, Go-Dirty, Digital Stitch, Martin What?
When: TONIGHT 10.30 - 3am
Where: Stereo, 20 Renfield Lane

Mightyfools - That's The Shit Mixtape 2010 by Mightyfools

Mightyfools That's The Shit Mixtape DL

Mightyfools Website
Dirty Noise on Myspace
PMcQ on Myspace
Mausr on Myspace

Oh, Joe Crogan has also snared a laser firing Eagle with huge chebs to provide tonights visuals. RESPECT SIR

Monday, 19 July 2010

This week's wettest...

Eh, anyone else getting ridiculously tired of this constantly shit weather? IT'S SUMMER...I actually saw someone wearing a scarf the other day, in JULY! It's not on. Anyway, thankfully it was at least dry for the Studio 54 party at the Courtyard on Saturday, I could only make it down for a few hours early evening, but the beats were deep & driving outside, up-beat & grooving inside. A nice combination for a Saturday afternoon....

Right, some mega-tunage I tracked down over the weekend, starting with a nice dubbed out version of The Count & Sinden's new single 'Afterdark'. I LOVE the original but up and coming Welsh producers C.R.S.T have taken it on a garage/funky tip which really works...

The Count & Sinden - Afterdark (C.R.S.T Remix)

Next, another exceptionally hot remix of Magnetic Man's summer dubstep crossover 'I Need Air', this time from Digital Soundboy heavy hitter Redlight. Clocking in at 136bpm it's comparable to Sonic C's breakout single 'Stickin' but has that Redlight stamp which just takes it to another level.

Magnetic Man - I Need Air (Redlight Remix)

Duck Sauce are back! 'Barbara Streisand' is the new single and it's another disco- house monster which is primed for the charts. It's been floating about in various forms for months now, but this is the closest you'll get to the original mix, enjoy before it becomes criminally over-played.

Duck Sauce - Barbara Streisand (Manila Killa Edit)

Finally, this week's 'wettest', something that turned up on a collection of files that Wiley gave away for free from his Twitter account on Friday. It's a blissfully chilled re-edit of a track called 'Energy Bubbling' and it's utterly gorgeous. It took me hours to find this so appreciate!

Wiley - Energy Bubbling (Nirobi Re-Edit)

Friday, 16 July 2010

Weekend business...

Its FRIDAY....finally! Time to leave the monotonous drudgery of the week behind and hit up some parties! Here's my pick of some of the weekend's hottest, starting with a massive charity event from Cotton Cake & Thunder Disco Club:

Thunder Disco is perhaps the hottest name on the circuit at the moment bringing all the glamour & sex of a Saturday night in the Paradise Garage while maintaining a consistent edge which drops like a bomb at peak time. Cotton Cake meanwhile are responsible for bringing some of the hottest names in electro & house to Glasgow on a regular basis. When these two clash in the name of charity expect things to get downright dangerous.

Facebook Event: Thunder Disco Club Vs Cotton Cake

Tonight @ The Sub Club // £10 // 11-3am // For The Princess Royal Trust For Carers

If your looking for a bit of matinee raving this weekend make sure you get along to a very special Studio 54 themed closing party at The Courtyard on Saturday - this hidden gem is Glasgow's very own little slice of Ibiza, allowing you to partake in a bit of afternoon madness come rain or shine. Who's not decided to keep Saturday night going by heading down Sunday Circus on an almighty bender? If you've not been this is essentially your LAST chance!

Facebook Event: The Courtyard Studio 54 Closing Party

Saturday @ The Courtyard // £5 // 3-11pm

Finally, Death Disco are letting the ressies do the talking this month as Hushpuppy, Mingo-Go, Josh Jones & Wavy Graves hold down the DD fort by themselves. Bringing you a delicious blend of silky-seductive disco, jump-up electro & out and out 'party-tech' (to coin a recent genre splice from Yolanda Be Cool) expect all the usual DD madness in a much more compact (sweaty) environment.

Facebook Event: Death Disco: The Residents Party

Saturday @ The Arches // £12 // 11-3am

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Local heat....

Glasgow is literally bursting at the seams with producing talent at the moment so here are some tunes that have really got my feet moving this week, starting with Spectrum resident and all-round nice guy B-Tone. Following on from the release of Ice Cream Wars last month his new EP 'Corrupt' is a collection of driving beats and devastating basslines. The EP isn't officially released til next month but here is a cheeky taster to get your head nodding:

B-Tone - Megacorp

Next we have a lovely disco dub on the last Phoenix single 'Fences' by Peace aka Dynamite Love. Sounding perfect for a hot summer's day (which we'd of course know nothing about) this is so chilled it's in danger of falling asleep. Sunset vibes personified:

Phoenix - Fences (Peace Remix)

And staying on the balearic vibe I'm counting down the days til I jet off to Ibiza next month and this tune is sure to feature heavily on the Ipod. The title track from the latest Barrientos EP, 'Nightlife' has Cafe Mambo, sunset, vodka limon written all over it:

Barrientos - Nightlife

Finally, Ha Ha Ha, one third of the exceptionally talented Vendor Defender has produced this mighty fine remix of DJ Gummy Worm's track 'Bass Be Bumping' and basically it does exactly what it says on the tin. Big techno-tinged electro house with a pulsating bassline and 90's rave stab thrown in for good measure. PHAT

DJ Gummy Worms - Bass Be Bumping (Ha Ha Ha Remix)

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Midweek madness with the In About It! crew


Ok, so the weather may be nothing short of detestable at the moment but that's no excuse not to trundle along to a very special In About It Vs Spaceball party tonight at Sleazy's. Not only have they invited one of Dundee's most hard-hitting, bass abusing club factions for a mighty aural joust but it's also a birthday extravaganza for Glasgow's finest fandans Pasty & Twonko.

You can expect an onslaught of back to back nonsense from Spaceball's Al The Kemist & Saint Glitch plus the aforementioned Level 32 residents. Prepare for bass, wobble, two step & grime as things get messy down the basement. As always catch the boys slingin' beats & pizza at the free pre-party at Bar Petite before.

Facebook event: In About It! Vs Spaceball // Level 32's Birthday Special

Subcity Radio: Thirty-Two

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

This week's hottest....

So here is a selection of the hottest tunes I found floating about the internet at the weekend starting with something massive from TC & Joker. This is definitely one of the most futuristic strains of dubstep out there and literally sounds like nothing else at the moment:

TC & Joker - It Ain't Got A Name (Original Mix)

Next we have a massive remix of the Magnetic Man smash 'I Need Air' by the Digital Soundboy Crew, taking what is already one of the hottest tunes of the summer and giving it a sweet drum & bass lick:

Magnetic Man - I Need Air (Digital Soundboy Remix)

Taking it into some UK Funky business it looks like Donae'o has a bit of a monster on his hands here with 'I'm Fly'. Look out for the official release on July 26th, in the meantime here's a high quality radio edit which is worth looping one time:

Donae'o - I'm Fly (Radio Edit)

N.E.R.D are back & it seems Boys Noize is coming good with the remixes, Pharrell's vocal is verging on annoying but thankfully Alex has aimed this straight at the dancefloor, sure to get the girls dancing:

N.E.R.D - Hot & Fun (Boys Noize Remix)

Finally, Tims Goldsworthy has given anonymous hipsters Monarchy a bit of a Balearic vibe on their new single 'Love Get Out Of My Way'. It's definitely got that chilled Cafe Mambo sunset feel especially when the piano comes in. Look out for the Holy Ghost! remix as well, discotastic!

Monarchy - Love Get Out Of My Way (Tim Goldsworthy Remix)

Monday, 12 July 2010



Had these two mixes on constant replay over the weekend, the first from part time mystic and full time bass curator MGCK. Recently picked up by Mixed Bizness you can catch MGCK supporting Jack Beats & Malente at the Sub Club for How's Your Party on August 27th and then bi-monthly supporting Boom Monk Ben up the Arty from September. In the meantime check out some heavy UK Funky vibes with a Caribbean twist in his Funkyhall Mixtape:

MGCK's Funkyhall Mixtape


The second comes from Death Disco resident & RPZ patriot Hushpuppy. With the final Record Playerz party taking place at the Art School only a matter of weeks ago this mix couldn't have been better timed as we start to crave the digitised, uber-suave, sex-dripping electro only Hushpuppy can provide. If you missed RPZ's monumental closing party get along to Death Disco at The Arches this Saturday to catch Hushpuppy in a resident's only knees up.

death - sunshine - secrets : Death Disco mix by Hushpuppy by abnormals

Sunday, 11 July 2010

The man is on fire....Crackhouse Vol 2 sampler


It gives me great pleasure to announce that Zinc has finally scheduled a release date of July 18th for his long awaited Crackhouse Vol 2 EP. Tracks like Nexx, Gimme The Camera and Old Flame have been getting spins all over radio for a while but we're now in touching distance of a full release! Whoop! Zinc is simply unstoppable at the moment and this is going to go all summer long!

Check out the EP sampler mix by the man him self here:

Zinc Crackhouse Vol 2 Sampler Mix (Soundcloud)

Anyone else horrendously hungover today?

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Yolanda Be Cool interview


Last Tuesday Killer Kitsch kindly invited me to interview Yolanda Be Cool before their set at the Buff Club and being the lads behind one of the summer's biggest tunes 'We No Speak Americano' and generally two of the nicest Australian's I've ever met, it made for a good chin wag. We talked Midget House & sampling gypsy music from 'Turkmanistan', listen below:

Yolanda Be Cool Interview by vianassa

Even in the dry period of the summer Killer Kitsch was rammed to the rafters with punters and some of this definitely has to be attributed to their excellent choice of guests, look out for Reset! & Wafa at the Sub Club on the 30th, Grum on the 3rd of August (who incidentally I will be supporting) and a certain up and comer on Moda not long after that (not sure if I'm allowed to disclose who). Yolanda's set was a kaleidoscope of jump-up party-tech, 'We No Speak...' sending the crowd into a frenzy of uninhibited 'Morris-moshing' - a mixture of Morris dancing and jumping about inanely. Big shout out to PMcQ as well who's been causing dancefloor devastation for a while now, he did a stellar job warming up the floor for Yolanda with a set ranging from hyped up Dutch House to groove-tastic disco. Which we respect.

Catch Killer Kitsch at the Buff Club every Tuesday...

Killer Kitsch on facebook

Killer Kitsch website

Yolanda Be Cool - Holy Cow (Oliver $ Remix) MF