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Friday, 25 March 2011

Get to know...Mia Dora


Who?: Al Quinn & Rob Etherson
Sounds: Tech House meets UK Bass in a reassuring vision of the future

Dance music is constantly evolving - it's constantly moving, constantly growing and never standing still. Over the past twenty years we've seen 2 Step collide with Dub to make Dubstep, Rave & Hardcore morphing in to Drum & Bass and more recently Dutch House & Reggaeton coming together to create Moombahton - dance music's freshest genre. It's this element of limitless development which keeps us hooked and creates the possibilities. And it's here that our fascination with Mia Dora begins.

Much like a test pilot or experiment for musical exploration the Glasgow based production duo of Al Quinn & Rob Etherson have quite possibly the most incompatible credentials imaginable. Al loves all things bass - Dubstep, Garage, Hip Hop and Grime all take precedence over the 4x4, while Rob has always had a passion for House & Techno. But as they say - opposites attract. And in this case the wedding night spawned a turbo-hybrid. The first time we heard 'Random Romantics' we were confounded at just how to label it, our best effort being a measly 'Bass-Tech'- but it's the fact we couldn't pigeonhole it which made it so exciting. Here we had the metallic sheen of Tech House underpinned by a shuffling Garage template - the result being a vision of the future which would probably make the Artful Dodger shit himself.

The best way to get recognised in this industry is to create, not replicate and it's this passion and drive which makes the Mia Dora partnership so invigorating. Let's bear in mind that they've been producing together for less than a year and in our eyes can already lay claim to a sound which is unequivocally theirs. We may be economically shafted, fighting wars we can't win and facing down the barrel of irreversible climate change, but if the future sounds anything like this we'll sleep easy tonight...

Check out the Mia Dora sound along with an interview with the guys below:

Mia Dora - Random Romantics by Mia Dora

Mia Dora - Baby I'm Bored by Mia Dora

Olive - You're Not Alone (Mia Dora Remix) 320 kbps by Mia Dora

S: So let’s firstly talk a bout how Mia Dora came about, obviously you both have quite different individual sounds so what inspired you to start producing together?

Al: We both have very different tastes in music though we share some common interests. We started talking about a colab one night after realising we were both big fans of the likes of Claude Von Stroke and a lot of the Dirtybird material. My musical background is far more rooted in bands rather than dance music, I've sung and played guitar in a few metal bands. Rob has always been a dance music producer and he gave me the idea to start making electronic music.

My metal background is the reason for my taste in really dark, sinister electronic music. This was why I got into Dubstep to begin with. I'm also a big fan of the likes of Massive Attack, Aphex Twin and Modeselektor. Rob has always been a big House and Techno fan so the two different tastes in music coming together has produced some interesting sounds.

S: You’re most recent music has ranged from Garage to Dubstep, Funky to House – all gleaming with a futuristic flare. How would you ultimately describe your music and what sound really represents Mia Dora?

Al: We started off making a few dubstep tracks but our sound has been slowly gravitating towards house. I think this gradual transition between the two is how we've ended up making some interest Garage and Funky sounds. We still don't want to pin a label on ourselves yet, though as Mia Dora matures I’m sure we'll find our sound. At the moment we still have lots of ideas for Hip Hop/House/Techno/Garage/Dubstep tracks and I really don't want to rule anything out.

Rob: We have been doing this for just under a year so it’s still a bit of trial and error for us, though people seem to respond well to us because we are a bit unpredictable. As we have different backgrounds the combination of styles works in our favour, the thing I enjoy most is sitting at the computer and trying something different to the last project.

Rob - four to the floor

S: What is your approach to starting a track, do you decide on its style before you start for example or is it quite a spontaneous process?

Al: It’s been fairly spontaneous so far. The Biggie Smalls bootleg, for example, was just me messing about on the guitar. We recorded it and messed about with it on Ableton before throwing a Hip Hop beat behind it. We sat on the instrumental for the track for a good 6 months before finally throwing a Biggie acapella over the top; I'm a massive 90's Hip Hop fan and couldn't resist turning the beat into a Biggie bootleg.

Most of the tracks have started with a rough idea of what we want, sometimes though we go off on massive tangents during the music making process and end up coming up with new ideas for the song.

Rob: Al is more musical than me so he usually lays down some melodies or drum parts and then I go on to develop the sounds of those parts as I'm better at the geeky stuff, I’m really into taking a synth from a blank patch and developing the sound from there. We are both pretty good at getting the sounds in our head transferred to the computer. Most of our projects are done on Ableton rewired into Logics mixer.

S: Individually you both produce quite different music with Al representing more of a dub flavour while Rob has a techier sound. How do you think these different style’s influence your collaborative work and does it ever cause friction when making a track?

Al: We've never had any friction making tracks. We're both very open minded musically so i'm totally open to experimenting with robs House and Techno sounds, just as he's very open minded about experimenting with Dubstep, Hip Hop and Garage. I think the two influences together are very evident in the sounds we've been making so far.

Al - all about the bass

Rob: We have a good system of working together so if we do something that has more of a housey vibe we add some dubby elements to it to balance it out.

S: Obviously you’ve been producing quite a few unofficial remixes recently, can we look forward to any new original material from Mia Dora in 2011 and how do you see the project progressing in the long run?

Al: Our main focus just now is new original material. We put out a few unofficial remixes as we really wanted to give away some tracks for free to get the Mia Dora name out there. Though we have a few original tracks in the pipeline just now that we are working on. The sound has progressed from dubstep into a interesting House/Garage hybrid so we're looking forward to finishing these tracks and putting them out to hear what people think.

In the long run, it's difficult to say where our sound is going to go. We don't even know ourselves. We don't have any plans for what kind of sound we want to make, we're just going to keep making tracks how we're feeling on the day, keep it as spontaneous as possible.

Rob: The early response and support has been great and also some of our live gigs have been crazy too, I think the next logical step for us is to get some music released and work more in the studio.

Mia Dora play at IAM W/ Koreless 26th April at The Sub Club

Mia Dora on Soundcloud
Mia Dora on Facebook

Local Heroes: Cinephile - Masquerade


Glasgow based band Cinephile are new to us, but seemingly they've been producing quality lo-fi electronica for some time. Siting Portishead, Massive Attack and Tricky as influences, their latest single 'Masquerade' comes on like an emotional storm releasing it's absorbent power through a downpour of electric synths and menacing bass. A gripping listen from start to finish...

Cinephile - Masquerade (Available to download now from iTunes)

Equally moving is this fresh tribute to 2 Pac ahead of his forthcoming biopic feature-length film. Beginning with soft chords and an arresting vocal, the building tension is soon heightened by a Skream esque sub-bass which rumbles like approaching thunder. Peace really is a master of the acapella and this may well be his finest interpretation to date. Catch Peace supporting Alan Braxe & Kavinsky at Naive this Saturday.

Peace - Makaveli Life (Free Download)

It's Friday, thousands of people are fantasizing about weekend madness & messy dancefloors so it was only right we give you a club banger to get you there. Dirty Basement return with 'P.E.R.T.Y People' - a dangerous slice of peak time electro which comes on like 'Mind Dimension' on steroids. If your looking for a hit of no-nonsense bass molesting this is it...

Dirty Basement - P.E.R.T.Y People

Now, on a slightly deeper note, we have a new edit from Slow It Down on Octave One's seriously smooth 'Black Water'. Pitched down to a grooving 124BPM the guys keep the strings at bay til about half way through when the true emotion of the original shines through. As per this is a quality re-rub of a certified but overlooked classic. Catch Slow It Down at a special 1984 party for One More Tune on April 9th.

Octave One - Black Water (Slow It Down Edit)

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Rumours Launch Party W/ Dark Sky: Preview

There does come a point in club land when you feel like you've seen it all, resident nights will no longer cut it, that promise of the 'finest dancefloor bangers' makes you yawn and you've had it up to HERE with the weekly avalanche of endless Facebook invites that all sound rather similar. It takes something (or someone) truly special to grab our attention now - a debut performance or a new venue is what gets us really excited. So when both these things come at once there is definitely an air of child-like anticipation.

You may have lost it at The Arches, banged the ceiling at The Subbie or found yourself covered in sweat at SWG3 but chances are you've not partied at a former lapdancing club next to an aquarium. This Saturday Rumours launches at Forbidden Basement, an ex gentlemen's club which has no doubt seen it's fair share of erotic filth and slow-wind skanking - perfectly suited then for some low-slung bass and underground beats laid down by the UK's finest up and coming producing talent.

Making sure the dancing pole is used to it's fullest potential will be the Ninja Tune signed Dark Sky who's sound is truly representative of the modern approach to UK Bass - a mish mash of underground sounds brought effortlessly together in a way which makes complete sense on the dancefloor. Expect everything from UK G to Dubstep, Funky to House in a celebration of all things dutty. With irresistible remixes for the likes of Kelis, Ben Westbeech & The XX, this debut Scottish performance is not to be missed. Warming up the subs will be Synth favourite Jinty who's Gutter Riddim show on Subcity has become a staple for all things Grime, as well as residents Indra, Skandy & Krickle. Oh and did we mention they've enlisted B.A.S.S to provide the soundsystem? Forbidden may have seen some dirty days but we doubt they've seen anything like a Saturday night with Rumours...

Dark Sky in their natural habitat

Ben Westbeech Falling (DS Remix) by Dark Sky

Kelis - Brave (DS Remix) by Dark Sky

We recently caught up with the promoters and residents of Rumours to find out a little more about this Saturday's launch:

S: So Rumours launches at Forbidden this Saturday, what was the inspiration behind starting the night and what do you ultimately hope to contribute to the Glasgow club scene?

R: We know its a cliché but a big part of it is just that we love a good party! When we sat down to talk about doing a night the first thing we did was write a list of the things we look for ourselves when we go out, we're basically trying to throw a party that ticks all those boxes....Of course the music comes first and we plan on booking artists we love from across the UK, most of whom play what you could loosely term 'bass music', but you can expect to hear everything from dub-reggae and hip-hop to garage and house'. We want to try and book people who haven't played in Glasgow before as well as pushing lots of local talent. Next on the agenda is sound system and its something we feel strongly about. A great sound system is crucial so we've got in B.A.S.S., which is one of the best sounding – and better looking - sound systems in Scotland, and we'll be putting in more than enough to get the fish tanks wobbling! There's also the venue and from the start we wanted to try something new and exciting, when the opportunity arose to use this place we jumped at it. Lastly we wanted to make sure the night was affordable for everyone with cheap drinks and a low advanced ticket price. We're hoping to get in a varied crowd with people coming just to enjoy a wild night out, even if they don't know all the DJs on the lineup! We just hope it all goes to plan!

S: The venue for Rumours is the basement of a lap-dancing club in the city centre, what inspired you to use this quite unorthodox setting for the launch and what can people expect from the venue?

R: The funny thing is that although the idea sounds unorthodox, the space itself is actually perfect for a night like this. Its the ideal size and layout, it's well kitted out with nice lighting and decor, it has a sizeable dancefloor and has a fantastic bar area with plenty of seating and room for people to take a break from the action. It's also a basement, and everyone loves a good basement party right?? There's something about low ceilings and that feeling of being underground which really adds to the party vibes - its also great for sound. You see this with some of the best venues up and down the UK, from Plastic People in London to Glasgow's own Sub Club. Of course there is definitely an exciting novelty factor to doing it in a lapdancing club; It would be pretty difficult to ignore the flat screen TV's around the walls, the cage in the corner and the LED lit catwalk and pole in the middle of the dancefloor!

S: Over the last few months, bass, grime & dub have really taken hold in Glasgow, with numerous new nights launching successfully. How would you describe the current bass scene in Glasgow and how do you see it developing over years to come?

R: The scene here is great. There are a bunch of established crews here that have been doing their own thing and doing it well for years now. However your right in that there are more and more new nights popping up and there is certainly more and more competition in a scene which isn't huge compared to say London or Manchester. For this reason we think its important now more than ever for promoters in Glasgow to work together and we hope to see more of that.

S: For the launch of Rumours you have enlisted the Ninja Tune signed Dark Sky and local grime aficionado Jinty. What can we expect from these bookings and how important do you think it is to support the local talent?

R: We've been really feeling Dark Sky's stuff recently and we thought it was high time someone brought the sound to Glasgow. Almost every Dark Sky production we hear is an instant classic and the DJ sets we've heard have been exciting and eclectic taking in garage, funky, house, rnb, hip-hop, drum and bass and more. Expect to be singing along to chopped up vocals, swimming in seas of luscious synths and bass, and busting moves you never though you had. Jinty's sets are always hyped, he's a hardcore grime head and does it the old fashioned way. Expect people to be bouncing off the ceiling, swinging round the pole and screaming for more after every pull up. As for local talent, we think its really important for clubnight's to support it and provide a platform for up and coming local artists to show their skills off, so we'll be continuing to do that as well as showing off our own of course!

S: Finally, what are your ultimate plans for Rumours and what can we look forward to in 2011? Do you intend on making it a monthly event and will you be keeping it dark & dirty at Forbidden or moving about?

R: Well we have touched on ideas for another party at the end of next month and if that goes ahead it will most likely be at Forbidden since we think we've discovered a hidden gem there! However it partly depends on how this first night goes and what sort of reaction we get. There have been talks of doing it less often so that each event is really a one-off. Lets just say watch this space and listen out for the rumours!

WHAT: Rumours Launch Party
WHO: Dark Sky (Ninja Tune), Jinty (Gutter Riddim) & Residents
WHERE: Forbidden Basement, 96 Maxwell St (Behind St Enoch Centre)
WHEN: Saturday 26th March 10-3am
TAX: £5/6/7

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Innuendo Launch Party W/ Caspa: Review

It was a relatively quiet night at the Arches on Friday, which came as quite a surprise as Caspa is usually a big draw. There was a slight teething problem in the early stages and the doors didn’t open till 11.30, but no indication was given as to why this was. As the queue grew outside we could hear the guttural bass pumping through The Arches' mighty sound system and people were itching to be let in, with Caspa due on stage at the relatively early time of half past midnight folk were understandably anxious to get a few drinks inside them as soon as possible and warm up their dancing feet.

Once the security guards parted and the punters were allowed in, the dance arch started to fill up and Beta and Kappa of I AM and Front 2 Back fame visibly relished in suddenly having a crowd to play to, playing back to back in 15 minute stints they kept the energy high and the bass thundering through our feet. The crowd, though small were definitely there for a good time, throwing themselves into it with gusto and aplomb. By the time Caspa took to the decks there was an aura of intense excitement.

I’m a massive Caspa fan so I was really pumped about seeing him, I was definitely not alone in this. He had brought an MC with him who rapped and hyped for the duration of the set, this was perhaps a little bit of an overkill when the venue was only about half full and though down the front the bassheads were skanking to their hearts content you only had to step a few metres back and you found yourself stood in empty space, which was quite surreal. I’m not sure why it was so quiet, but the old adage quality not quantity held firm; those that had turned up really turned up and for some it was taps aff by 1am, no mean feat. The highlight of Caspa’s set for me was his remix of TC's 'Where’s My Money' and it appeared that much of the floor agreed with me as the largely male crowd went ape, literally. I always joke that people dance to dubstep look like crazed chimpanzees and on this occasion I was not wrong.

By the end of Caspa’s set the energy was flowing and Beta and Kappa returned to the stage to keep the crowd on a high till 3am when everyone was turfed out into the cold unforgiving night. In the main bar a wooden hoarding had been painted white and cordoned off for a pair of graffiti artists to paint a Bi-Winning tribute to Charlie Sheen, a few of the crowd had certainly channelled the big man tonight, it was just a shame there wasn't more of them.

Words: Chris Stevens

Innuendo on Facebook
Next Event: Innuendo Presents Emalkay

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Weird Sounds In The Bathhouse Vol. 9

We listen to music a lot. A good portion of our day is spent reviewing music, sourcing obscurities from the internet or trawling through mixes. We're bombarded with so much promo hype that sometimes it can wash right over us without ever so much rendering an emotion. That is why, on a recent wet weekend in March we made a point of sitting down just to listen. It's this great art that really opens the door to deeper aural enjoyment - allowing yourself to get lost in a soundscape which takes you on a true journey...

And when it comes to planning that journey there can be no one better than RPZ's Hushpuppy or in this case his alter-ego the 'Abnormals'. His most recent mix is a true celebration of noise, taking in flashes of cosmic thunder, sound-twisting sonics and disturbing apocolyptic reflections. This is the true art of song selection being played right out infront of you, should you choose to really listen you can discover it's endless depth.

The Abnormals: "This one is more tuned for a night on your back full of codine phosphate. A slow and woozy blend of wrong speed rock, symphonic prog synths, afro-cosmic vibes, psyched-out reggae, Balearic soundtracks and wild jazz fusion insanity"

Listen and download below, get in touch for a full tracklisting:

Weird sounds in the bathhouse Vol.9 by abnormals

Monday, 21 March 2011

Blog Burner: Jack Beats ft/ John B - All Night


We've got a bit of a love/hate relationship with Jack Beats, sometimes their futuristic, bass-bending bombs hit the spot with a perfect balance between dancefloor-twisting Electro and supersonic House, other times their approach can push the boundaries a little too far, leaving us bewildered and quite frankly a little annoyed. Thankfully new single, 'All Night' falls to the former with a quality 90's inspired break and just the right amount of Jack Beats nonsense to fuel the floor.

Jack Beats ft/ John B - All Night

It's a busy time for Ed Banger, what with the recent release of Busy P & DJ Mehdi's 'Let The Children Techno', the forthcoming release of new Justice single 'Civilisation' and now the strategic leak of SebastiAn's 'Embody' it proves that while some French labels may falling apart others are utterly thriving. Featuring on SebastiAn's debut album 'Total', 'Embody' is a seriously slick slice of Prince-tinged electro.

SebastiAn - Embody

If there was ever a good time to try your luck at mainstream success it's right now. As we know Drum&Bass & Dubstep are both enjoying commercial popularity so you can't blame the likes of Drumsound & Bassline Smith for giving it a shot. 'Freak' is a bouncy, electro-fied slice of jump-up D&B which comes pulsing with energy but unfortunately lacking in originality.

Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Freak

There's not really much to argue about anymore, Garage is back and it's sounding as fresh as it did ten years ago. While the underground producers may be creating the more tangible tracks it's Mike Delinquent who is running the commercial racket. Here he get's the girls on the floor for Yasmin's new single 'Finish Line', in what sounds very much like Sweet Female Attitude reincarnated.

Yasmin - Finish Line (Mike Delinquent Project Remix)

Friday, 18 March 2011

Local Hero: Barrientos - Ready?


A perfectly timed Balearic monster from Barrientos. As we wave goodbye to months of miserable weather and welcome back are good old friend the sun, thoughts generally turn to the summer and those irrepressible good vibes that come with it. 'Ready?' is a gorgeously blissed-out slice of Ibizan sun, golden beaches and long nights. Released for free as part of the Vous Vous EP' on his Facebook account, this is whats going to get us through March.

Barrientos - Ready? (Free Download)

Next up OOFT! offer up some seriously slick mid-tempo house for the Carry On label. Remixing South West Seven for their up coming release 'Mel's Pockets', this is a deep-grooving number which takes a hypnotic vocal sample and works it deep into the song's foundation. The result is a laid back journey through late-afternoon sun, swaying palm trees and ice cold Lemonade. Really yearning for summer today, don't know if you can tell?

South West Seven - Mel's Pockets (OOFT! Remix) (Released March 28th)

Something exclusive from Worx next which caught our immediate attention. Working closely with Dersonna over the last few months this Glasgow based production duo have been putting out some truly incredible stuff. This is an unmastered version of new track 'The Hatch' which combines slamming bass with dreamy breakdowns. We're supporting this in a big way.

Worx - The Hatch

Last, but certainly not least is a new release from Domsko which really personifies are recent love for stylish house with a driving rhythm. Enlisting vocalist Astral T on vocals and incorporating a 90's inspired synth line the end product is sheer quality. Add remixes from Chicago house legend Johnny Fiasco, plus a searing dub version from Domsko and this is shaping up rather large.

Domsko ft/ Astral T - Hard Yards (Released April 11th on Kahua Music)

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Four More Tunes ft/Bad Autopsy & Jinty: Review

Following the visit of Hackman last month One More Tune has brought an urban feel back to the Art School over the last few months, most recently provided by a vocal laden 2-step and garage set from East London's own Bad Autopsy. If you don't know him already you soon will, 2011 is looking to be a busy year as lots of blogs have been picking up on his unmastered demos and complimenting his rough and ready style recently. If he's been going round the country playing sets like this then he's not been doing his reputation any harm either.

That being said it wasn't one of the busier One More Tunes that I've been to and that came as a surprise, there's only three more of the Art School's favourite dance parties left before the venue closes for refurbishment and I had been expecting the room to be packed out for Bad Autopsy.

The OMT faithful didn't seem to care however and responded well to Bad Autopsy's grimey funky style, no doubt thanks in large to his supporting act Jinty. If you're going to bring Bad autopsy up from London you've got to back him up with one of Glasgow's foremost exponents of everything bassy, and as usual One More Tune pitched it just right.

Jinty's been hosting Gutter Riddim on Subcity Radio for almost 6 months now and it's already one of the stations most listened to shows, plus he's often spotted spinning vinyl to a roomful of enthusiastic bassheads in basement clubs and house parties so he was a familiar face and name to many. He warmed up the crowd a treat and I really enjoyed his set, no complaints.

Four More Tunes was good, as per. Next time Three More Tunes is taking us back to 1984 - not that any of us will remember much of it - with themed sets from Slow It Down, Define Define and Patchwork.

Onemoretune. Good enough to eat with a spoon.

Words: Chris Stevens

One More Tune on Facebook
One More Tune on Subcity Radio

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Kollektiv presents....Fabrizio Maurizi: Preview

We often wonder whether the recent surge of new tech nights in Glasgow feel somewhat overshadowed by the city's impressive heritage. You could most definitely argue that the likes of Pressure, Subculture, Sensu & Monox have had the market cornered for most of the last 15 years. Glasgow is a city that was built on techno and the promoters that built it did a damn good job. But recently there has been a new wave of young, enthusiastic party-starters who are looking to make their own contribution to city's deep and driving culture. Nomad Nights, Tic Tac Toe and Sunday Circus have all really excelled over the last few years, while Glasgow's newest tech night, Kollektiv have been making quality bookings which are perhaps overlooked by the larger clubs.

And it's Kollektiv who bring Fabrizio Maurizi to Glasgow this weekend. The Italian stallion who comfortably resides as part of Richie Hawtin's Minus family is someone who has a deep, almost spiritual relationship with his dancefloor and likes to explore every direction of this sometimes quite uncompromising genre. Growing up with a keen eye on Detroit Techno and ever present on his native Bologna's illegal rave scene, Fabrizio was finally convinced of his path after seeing Hawtin play for the first time.

Fabrizio Maurizi: Deep

Inspired by Hawtin's masterful techniques Fabrizio quickly began producing his own music, obsessed with low frequencies and deepening basslines. Breakout single 'Hasta La Baldoria Siempre', released on his own Memento label is a hypnotic and unilaterally dark example of his feverishly addictive sound. Burrowing deep into the brain, it's a rhythm which simply can't be ignored and what you can expect from his finely crafted DJ sets.

With the Art School's vast assembly hall playing host to his exceptionally unique brand of minimal madness we suspect there will be more than a few freak-out's on the floor - whether these will be self-induced or all part of Fabrizio's plan remains to be seen.

Pick up two free tickets to the event by entering a simple competition by Kollektiv residents Tarantism on their Subcity Radio show here:

WHAT: Kollektiv Present...Fabrizio Maurizi
WHO: Fabrizio Maurizi (m_nus) + Residents
WHERE: The Art School, 168 Renfrew St
WHEN: Saturday 19th March 11-3am
TAX: £5(GSA Students)/6(Tickets)/8(Door)

Monday, 14 March 2011

Blog Burner: The Shoes - Cover Your Eyes (Gesaffelstein Remix)


Now, it's been well documented recently that our patience with the common Electro 'banger' has worn a bit thin. Squelchy basslines and high pitched bleeps really don't sit well with us anymore - we prefer a more sophisticated approach to dancefloor chaos. Step in French Techno wizard, Gesaffelstein - his no nonsense approach to making us sweat doesn't involve ridiculous build ups or unnecessary squealing, just perfectly crafted atmospherics. Pick up his free remix of The Shoes below and catch him 29th of April at Spectra.

The Shoes - Cover Your Eyes (Gesaffelstein Remix)(Free Download)

There's no stopping it. Dance music's newest genre, Moombahton will no doubt be everywhere by the end of the year. And while it does retain some of the high pitched posturing we just rallied against, the jacking rhythms of 110BPM make it somewhat acceptable. This track by Munchi featured on Brodinski's 'European Introduction To Moombahton' compilation last month, and with a smooth-grooving RnB breakdown setting up a devastating drop it was definitely a stand out.

Munchi - Esta Noche

It's a 51st state hook up here, as Liverpool producer Mele provides the remix treatment for New York's Contakt and vice versa. Dropping as a free web release courtesy of Grizzly & Local Action, it's the Mele remix we dig the most as he jacks up 'Rhodophyta' with scuttling drums and a badman bassline which will most likely cause mass confusion on the dancefloor.

Contakt - Rhodophyta (Mele Remix) (Free Download)

Egyptrixx released his debut album 'Bible Eyes' last week, the first full-length release on the eccentric, bass-bastardising label Night Slugs. The album is of course a melting pot of the weird and wonderful, taking new twists on underground beats, from solarising Dubstep to shimmering Funky. This is our favourite cut featuring Trust:

Egyptrixx ft/ Trust - Chrysalis Records

Friday, 11 March 2011

Local Heroes: Raksha Vs HaHaHa - Planet Arium


Fast becoming one of the hottest production duos to come out of Glasgow in the last ten years, Raksha & HaHaHa are getting us very excited. Kicking of 2011 with that gorgeous slice of Garage tinged House 'Running' they now return with new track 'Planet Arium' - a deep-grooving mixture of rumbling sub-bass, spacious rhythms and cosmic reflections. In the same vain as this week's recent fixation with Julio Bashmore and Midland, the combination of a four to the floor foundation and introspective dub is truly intoxicating. Pick up 'Planet Arium' for free on Raksha's 'Spaced Tapes Vol.1' EP.

Raksha Vs HaHaHa - Planet Arium (Free Download)

Also featuring on 'Space Tapes Vol.1' are two solo productions from Raksha which couldn't better represent the current direction of UK Bass. Not strictly Dubstep, but not entirely Garage either, 'You Got Me Down' sits somewhere inbetween - a soundtrack to a true urban soundscape. Comparable to Burial, Raksha has captured the sound of grey skies, tower blocks and decaying suburbs. Download the EP, get it on your mp3 player and walk around the city - you'll see what we mean.

Raksha - You Got Me Down (Free Download)

As always the release of a new Heartbeats compilation means an influx of incredible local heat, and 'Beastiality', the third installment has provided some absolute corkers. If you still haven't downloaded it yet hopefully this slice of Tropical House from Barrientos will inspire you. Using a simple frog sample and some tribal atmosphere this immediately takes you down the local rain forest.

Barrientos - El Sapo (The Frog)

Heartbeats3: Beastiality (Free Download)

Really have to show some love to the Phuturelabs crew at the moment, the Glasgow based label & collective have gifted us EP's from both S-Type and Hissy Fit recently and now they're offering up something hot from Profisee. The Logan's Run EP sees production from Process Rebel, the aforementioned S-Type and the mysterious Glasgow producer Scharkz - who produced this track. Seriously good use of an Ultravox sample yo.

Profisee - This Means (Produced By Sharckz)

Released for free download March 28th at

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Deadly Rhythm Launch Party W/ 2562 & Koreless: Preview

It's been on the cards for a while now - Numbers laid the foundation and now Glasgow has truly announced itself as a premier location for the new wave of UK Bass. Artists like Koreless, Raksha & Kid Robotik are flying the flag with sounds which both reflect Glasgow as a dub-centric melting pot and also personify the constantly developing progression of underground music. This is where Deadly Rhythm come in.

Founded in London back in 2007 you could perhaps suggest that they've followed the rumbling of sub-bass as it's migrated further and further north. Originally started as a Dubstep night the music policy now incorporates everything from Future Garage to deep moving House, enlisting some of the finest local talent to support headliners such as Martyn, Instra:mental and this weekend's 2562.

2562 or A Made Up Sound as he's been known has carved his own direction through subsonic bass, twisting Dubstep through Techno and creating sub genre's which at times defy description. Now touring his third album 'Fever' this is a golden opportunity to experience his strictly unique reflection on underground music. Joining him will be Glasgow based artist, Koreless, fast becoming one of the most exciting up and coming producers in the UK. Likened to Four Tet, James Blake and Sbtrkt his sound is one that goes far beyond definitive genre labelling - think melodic bass, wrapped around urban soundscapes and you might get an idea of the truly organic notions being thrown around here. If that wasn't enough Synth favourite Raksha will be warming up alongside residents Masha, Aleksi and PCR. Check the blog tomorrow for more on Raksha - he's packing some serious heat!

Ultimately the launch of Deadly Rhythm in Glasgow is a consolidation of where the city might be heading over the next few years, the talent bubbling under the surface now may well become leading lights in 2011 and with a strong localised backbone and a desire to push things forward we're sure Deadly Rhythm will be with them every step of the way...

Check out music by 2562, Koreless & Raksha below:

2562 - Aquatic Family Affair (doubt000 A) by 2562 / A Made Up Sound

Koreless - 4D by Paul Ming

A1 Awkward Sundays by rakshadubs

WHAT: Deadly Rhythm Launch Party
WHO: 2562/A Made Up Sound, Koreless + residents Raksha, Masha, Aleksi & PCR
WHERE: La Cheetah, 73 Queen St
WHEN: Saturday 19th March
TAX: £8 before 12 / £10 after

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Blog Burner: High Powered Boys - Udon (Julio Bashmore Sax Dub)


Julio Bashmore is fast becoming one of our favourite new producers in Britain. In 2011 there is certainly a desire to push things forward, manipulating classic ideals and twisting them into something fresh. Bashmore embodies this. The first time we heard 'Battle For The Middle You' it stopped us in our tracks, sucking us in to a sound which was so utterly compelling that we've been playing it out ever since. And now we have this remix on High Powered Boys - a summer staple in the making, it has Cafe Mambo at sunset written all over it. Julio Bashmore we salute you.

High Powered Boys - Udon (Julio Bashmore Sax Dub)

Next up we have another producer who is blazing trails at the moment. Midland is a Leeds based producer who, like Julio Bashmore has developed a sound which is a distinct hybrid of numerous underground genres melting together in a bass-bending vacuum. Part Funky, part Tech House and 100% unique Midland is a name you should not only keep an eye on but perhaps have chemically emblazoned on your retina.

Midland - Dead Eyes

Ahhh Classixx. It's been far too long since we heard one of your sparkling remixes. Since altogether raising the bar with their remix on Phoenix - 'Lisztomania' they've been responsible for some of the finest future-disco reworks of the past five years. Here the LA duo give Comsic Kids a seriously slick injection of deep-grooving bass and sparkling piano chords. Welcome back...

Comsic Kids - Reginald's Groove (Classixx Remix)

Right, it's been a while since we've delivered an out and out banger, and Funkin' Matt seems be the go-to man at the moment. New single Arp brings together all the ingredients you need for out and out ramification on the dancefloor, a big no-nonsense breakdown, a bassline that will rupture your face and a subtle impression of peak-time euphoria. Again, this sounds like Ibiza come early.

Funkin' Matt - Arp

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Get to know...HaHaHa


Who: Frazer Graham
Sounds: Innovation House? Jungle Rhythm? Bass Tech? Best decide for yourself...

HaHaHa may well be the most exciting artist coming out of Glasgow right now. Quite an opening statement, but one which many people share. Recently snapped up by Mixed Bizness and newly acquired resident at Death Disco, Frazer Graham is carving his own sound, and it's no laughing matter. We've personally spent hours trying to describe his music and nine times out of ten come up empty. Infact, desperation has lead us to brand his music with entirely new genre's that may or may not do it justice, and while Glasgow may well be producing talent from all angles at the moment, no one sounds quite like HaHaHa.

His is a sound which is completely organic. Drawing inspiration from the eccentric, hoover-bashing Micachu & The Shapes, HaHaHa has sampled everything from dripping taps to snapping wood, making his music completely unique in the process. But that doesn't mean you should expect a mishmash of silly noises haphazardly thrown together to make a melody. Each song has the intricacy of a tapestry munk, with minute elements all working in harmony to create songs of gargantuan structure and impact. Last years 'Evil EP' (released on his own 'Swimteam' label no less) showcased five songs which, when played back to back leave you feeling lost in a world of hypnotic drumming and mesmerising sounds. Ultimately HaHaHa's music engages your senses and once it does you may as well relinquish your mind.

After reading this you would be forgiven for anticipating Frazer's music as a challenging listen, but each track works just as well in the club as in your headphones with recent Raksha collaboration, 'Running' using classic vocals over a grooving 4x4, breathing new life through 90's fundamentals. It's dancefloor gold and an indication of things to come as the duo prepare to release an EP in the not so distant future. Frazer's skills also extend beyond HaHaHa, he plays drums in Glasgow-based band Vendor Defender as well as releasing music under the guise Alpine Ski Champion with band mate Susan Bear, oh and he also helps organise Subcity Radio's hugely popular club nights, makes promotional videos, creates his own artwork...the list goes on. But it's with HaHaHa we find his talent most acutely focused and after hearing an advance of his forthcoming EP through The Sub Club's legendary soundsystem a couple weeks back we can confirm this Glasgow producer as anything but a joke...

Check out and download an exclusive recording of Hahaha's debut set for Death Disco in February as two recent collaborations with Raksha which are free to download:

HaHaHa vs Raksha - Running (Free Download) by HaHaHa

B1 Raksha vs HaHaHa - Planet Arium (Original Mix) by rakshadubs

HaHaHa @ Death Disco 19/02/2011 by Synth.

We also had the pleasure of catching up with him for a quick interview recently, here's what he had to say:

S: So things seem to really be picking up for you now with a new residency at Death Disco and invitations to play for Mixed Bizness. How did you originally get into dance music as a whole and when did you decide to get into production?

HHH: I got into dance music after seeing people play it live at Rockness a few years back, and started making electronic music towards the end of 2009. I used to have this really slow laptop with loads of software on it but never got round to actually learning how to use any of it cause my laptop was so shit. I was on tour with the band and someone stole my laptop from the venue, I lost years of music and photo's so it was bad at the time but it made me buy a mac, download ableton and learn how to use it.

S: You currently produce music under the guise of Hahaha, which has been likened to both ‘Submarine House’ and ‘Jungle Rhythm’. How would you describe your music to someone who may not have heard it and what influences your sound?

HHH: Ha, I like the sound of Submarine House. I guess it's house music but maybe with more song like structures? It's hard trying to describe your own music and much easier not to try. Glasgow's full of ridiculously talented people so I don't need to look far for inspiration.

The live show at Vitamins 2

S: You also make up one third of Glasgow-based band Vendor Defender and one half of Alpine Ski Champion who have had releases through your label ‘Swimteam Records’. How did the label come about and can we expect releases from artists you might not be so closely affiliated with?

HHH: Swimteam is a project I do with Suse Bear who's also in Alpine Ski Champion and Vendor Defender, we figured since we make so much music together it'd be cool to start a platform that allowed us to release our own music, and eventually get other people involved too. So far we've released a HaHaHa EP and and Alpine Ski Champion EP on Swimteam.

S: With regards to your production, what type of set up do you currently use? Is there any hardware involved and how do you approach a track?

HHH: I don't really have a standard way of approaching tracks, it's good to try and mix things up, my setup is growing quite nicely but I reckon the most important thing is just to have a nice room that you want to to chill and spend lots of time in. and to have good speakers.

S: You’ve had a lot of success bringing your sound to a live environment, your set at Subcity’s Halloween party - Dimension B, being a particular highlight. For people that are yet to see you live how do you bring the whole experience together?

HHH: Ahh Dimension B was fun, i think the highlight for me was 'I Am' at Sub Club last month, that was ace. Hmmm... I have some cowbells, drums, sample pads and other bits and bobs, its nice having things to hit.

Hahaha gets gassy at Dimension B

S: Finally, what have you got in store for 2011? Are there any forthcoming releases we should be looking forward to or any live dates that we need to get in the diary?

HHH: I couldn't have asked for a better start to the year so hopefully the rest of 2011 will go well too!

Upcoming shows:

Death Disco @ The Arches (Glasgow)
19/03/2011 (DJ)
w/ Hercules and Love Affair & Villa

Mixed Bizness @ The Art School (Glasgow)
13/05/2011 (LIVE)
w/ Teki Latex, DJ Orgasmic & Benny Boom

Mixed Bizness Takeover: Kelburn Castle
04/06/2011 (LIVE)

Hahaha on Soundcloud
Hahaha on Facebook
Swimteam Records Website

Monday, 7 March 2011

Naive ft/ Fred Falke & DJ Falcon: Review 26/02/11

Now on it's 5th party Glasgow’s favourite new club night, Naïve yet again hosts an impressive line-up this evening with Fred Falke, DJ Falcon and resident Peace. Despite it’s infancy, Naïve has delivered thunderous claps of house and disco from heavy weights such as Busy P, A-Trak and Feadz over the past six months for mere pennies and this evening promises to deliver more of the same.

First up, to the crowds delight, resident Peace opens the night with long forgotten hip hop and r’n’b classics . Remember Tweet? NOW YOU DO. “Oops (Oh My)“ and Lil’ Wayne’s “A Mili” were sure highlights from this booming set. There’s always an innate freshness that comes from Peace’s sets; very cool and very danceable, Peace is right where he belongs sharing stage with the aforementioned big names on tonight.

Thumbs up for Peace...

Here, DJ Falcon where you been? When was that last release again? Are you even a DJ anymore?? LOL JKS I’m joshing Stephane - “So Much Love To Give” is a fucking tune, and you seem to have done alright from it. Admittedly, Falcon has been lying low somewhat for the past few years, yet on stage at Naïve mixing a bouncing set of high energy house and funk it feels like he’s never been away.

Inbetween DJ Falcon and Fred Falke (OH I WISH) I slink downstairs to gay dance party Menergy who were also using the Art School tonight . It was an assault on the senses to say the least; hair, tits, neon and squeals galore, it was like RuPaul’s Drag Race on acid. Drag Queen karaoke was in full swing, and of course I took it upon myself to saunter on stage during “S&M” to get whipped profusely by Cher and humiliate myself. Ladyboys and Lil’ Wayne all under one roof was obviously too much for me. Time to head back upstairs I think…

Falcon: So Much Love To Give

With bass guitar strapped on and the now heaving crowd growing slightly restless, Fred Falke drops Naïve into a sweaty froth of smooth electro and delicious disco. Falke’s remixing repertoire stretches to each end of the spectrum with mixes on everyone from Ke$ha to Grizzly Bear; the souless pop lover inside me wishes he'd played his Katy Perry remix but Lykke Li and Robyn more than sufficed. Releasing arguably the most banging, disco dance-inducing tune of last year, Falke drops to mine and the crowds MUTHAFUCKIN DELIGHT “You Stopped Loving Me” to end his set, confirming Naïve as the biggest, baddest party in town tonight. BEL-TER.

Words: Ailie Robertson
Photos: Ross McHenry

Naive on Facebook

Naive returns alongside IAM Tue 8th March W/ Treasure Fingers
& 26th March W/ Kavinsky & Alan Braxe

Friday, 4 March 2011

Local Hero: Kid Robotik ft/Becca Starr - Distance/Exit


We always suspected Kid Robotik was on the cusp of something utterly sensational and this week our suspicions were fully consolidated. Enlisting the hugely talented Becca Starr on vocals, 'Distance' and Exit' are searing with raw emotion - a mixture of compelling highs, disturbing lows and a rumbling sub bass which delivers the unilateral feeling Glasgow has well and truly arrived. The 'Distance' EP is forthcoming on Massive Music - check back soon for full release details, while Exit is being released as a free download.

Kid Robotik ft/Becca Starr - Distance

Kid Robotik ft/Becca Star - Exit

Next up our Techno loving Spectra pal, B Tone leaked this last week - a rather eccentric slice of 3am devastation which grapples with your dancefloor in an onslaught of bass induced rage, one moment slapping you around the face with cold, hards synths and the next caressing you with feather-like strokes to see you gently drifting away. Perfect as a set closer.

B Tone - Ponda

No stranger to our columns and air waves, Quahaze returns with another deep-moving cut of solarized funk, helped along by producing partner Kutfatha. Clocking in on the low 100's, this sun-stroked groove rider has a bassline which literally melts in your ears. Complimented by a soothing vocal cut used quite cleverly as part of the instrumentation, 'Reputation' is summer personified.

Quahaze & Kutfatha - Reputation

If your not already familiar with Dersonna's pounding batton of bass-ridden Techno then scoot along to last months 'Get To Know...' feature. In the meantime here is brand new cut from his forthcoming 'Beat Of The Bassdrum EP'. People of a nervous disposition should probably take a swerve as what Dersonna has created through this 8min monster is utterly terrifying. Pick it up on 3rd Abstract Records soon.

Dersonna - Midnight

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Subcity Sweet Sixteen: Preview

We're excited this week, more excited than usual. This weekend Subcity descends on the world renowned Arches for a party of quite frankly mesmerising proportions. For this is not just any party, this is a Sweet Sixteen party - and everyone's invited. For those that are unfamiliar, Subcity Radio is perhaps the most inventive, inclusive student radio station in Britain, and they know how to party.

Over the last sixteen years Subcity have hosted some incredible events, from huge block parties at the Glasgow School Of Art, intimate sweat-fests in the celebrated Hetherington, candle-lit 'Dark Parties' in the now defunct Lite Club and of course some massive birthday celebrations at The Arches - the 10th of which attracting the largest crowd a student radio station has ever had at an event. Subcity and quality parties basically go hand in hand, and with some of the city's best promoters pulling together to make sure the stations 16th year is one to remember you know that we're in very good hands.

Subcity Dark Party @ The Lite Club
November 2009

After launching way back in 1995, Subcity has produced some exceptional talent - Slam, Hudson Mohawke, Boom Monk Ben & Optimo all had shows on the station - they've hosted John Peel and Steve Lamacq from a student kitchen, they've been presented with numerous awards and ultimately they've delivered quality, unrestricted student broadcasting to thousands of listeners. In 2011, Subcity is more of an institution to Glasgow than a student radio station - and their essential monthly parties are the unwavering proof.

Subcity's 15th Birthday @ The Arches
March 2010

This Saturday sees some of the stations freshest contributors come together for a Sweet Sixteen that will put the cast of MTV's hit program of a similar name into an irreversible shame spiral from which they may never return. Expect sensory overload as Subcity stuff the Arches with a sound and visual display which could see them shelling out compensation for all manner of ruptured organs. Yep, we are excited. The fact that Synth will actually be behind the decks for this monumental occasion is an added bonus - we're on from 11.40 - 12.20 in the dance arch so expect smooth grooves, local heat and general tom foolery.

The rest of the line up looks like this:

One More Tune

Dim Sum (Deadly Rhythm)

Data Rape (live)

HaHaHa b2b Raksha

Jackie Your Body

Beat Beneath


Worst Chips Ever



Moving Pictures from Joe Crogan

Now, as a big ol' Sweet Sixteen present, Subcity programmes manager, Ragnar Rahuoja aka Raksha has released a free EP of gorgeous low slung dubs, along with a sensational collaboration with Hahaha to get people hyped for Saturday night's big back to back set. It's dreamy, introspective and just what we need before the carnage commences on Saturday, stream and download it below:

Raksha - Spaced Tapes Vol.1 by rakshadubs


WHAT: Subcity's Sweet Sixteen
WHO: See line up above
WHERE: The Arches, 253 Argyle St
WHEN: 11-3am
TAX: £6/8 Advance / £10 on door
VISUALS: Joe Crogan