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Rumours Launch Party W/ Dark Sky: Preview

There does come a point in club land when you feel like you've seen it all, resident nights will no longer cut it, that promise of the 'finest dancefloor bangers' makes you yawn and you've had it up to HERE with the weekly avalanche of endless Facebook invites that all sound rather similar. It takes something (or someone) truly special to grab our attention now - a debut performance or a new venue is what gets us really excited. So when both these things come at once there is definitely an air of child-like anticipation.

You may have lost it at The Arches, banged the ceiling at The Subbie or found yourself covered in sweat at SWG3 but chances are you've not partied at a former lapdancing club next to an aquarium. This Saturday Rumours launches at Forbidden Basement, an ex gentlemen's club which has no doubt seen it's fair share of erotic filth and slow-wind skanking - perfectly suited then for some low-slung bass and underground beats laid down by the UK's finest up and coming producing talent.

Making sure the dancing pole is used to it's fullest potential will be the Ninja Tune signed Dark Sky who's sound is truly representative of the modern approach to UK Bass - a mish mash of underground sounds brought effortlessly together in a way which makes complete sense on the dancefloor. Expect everything from UK G to Dubstep, Funky to House in a celebration of all things dutty. With irresistible remixes for the likes of Kelis, Ben Westbeech & The XX, this debut Scottish performance is not to be missed. Warming up the subs will be Synth favourite Jinty who's Gutter Riddim show on Subcity has become a staple for all things Grime, as well as residents Indra, Skandy & Krickle. Oh and did we mention they've enlisted B.A.S.S to provide the soundsystem? Forbidden may have seen some dirty days but we doubt they've seen anything like a Saturday night with Rumours...

Dark Sky in their natural habitat

Ben Westbeech Falling (DS Remix) by Dark Sky

Kelis - Brave (DS Remix) by Dark Sky

We recently caught up with the promoters and residents of Rumours to find out a little more about this Saturday's launch:

S: So Rumours launches at Forbidden this Saturday, what was the inspiration behind starting the night and what do you ultimately hope to contribute to the Glasgow club scene?

R: We know its a clich̩ but a big part of it is just that we love a good party! When we sat down to talk about doing a night the first thing we did was write a list of the things we look for ourselves when we go out, we're basically trying to throw a party that ticks all those boxes....Of course the music comes first and we plan on booking artists we love from across the UK, most of whom play what you could loosely term 'bass music', but you can expect to hear everything from dub-reggae and hip-hop to garage and house'. We want to try and book people who haven't played in Glasgow before as well as pushing lots of local talent. Next on the agenda is sound system and its something we feel strongly about. A great sound system is crucial so we've got in B.A.S.S., which is one of the best sounding Рand better looking - sound systems in Scotland, and we'll be putting in more than enough to get the fish tanks wobbling! There's also the venue and from the start we wanted to try something new and exciting, when the opportunity arose to use this place we jumped at it. Lastly we wanted to make sure the night was affordable for everyone with cheap drinks and a low advanced ticket price. We're hoping to get in a varied crowd with people coming just to enjoy a wild night out, even if they don't know all the DJs on the lineup! We just hope it all goes to plan!

S: The venue for Rumours is the basement of a lap-dancing club in the city centre, what inspired you to use this quite unorthodox setting for the launch and what can people expect from the venue?

R: The funny thing is that although the idea sounds unorthodox, the space itself is actually perfect for a night like this. Its the ideal size and layout, it's well kitted out with nice lighting and decor, it has a sizeable dancefloor and has a fantastic bar area with plenty of seating and room for people to take a break from the action. It's also a basement, and everyone loves a good basement party right?? There's something about low ceilings and that feeling of being underground which really adds to the party vibes - its also great for sound. You see this with some of the best venues up and down the UK, from Plastic People in London to Glasgow's own Sub Club. Of course there is definitely an exciting novelty factor to doing it in a lapdancing club; It would be pretty difficult to ignore the flat screen TV's around the walls, the cage in the corner and the LED lit catwalk and pole in the middle of the dancefloor!

S: Over the last few months, bass, grime & dub have really taken hold in Glasgow, with numerous new nights launching successfully. How would you describe the current bass scene in Glasgow and how do you see it developing over years to come?

R: The scene here is great. There are a bunch of established crews here that have been doing their own thing and doing it well for years now. However your right in that there are more and more new nights popping up and there is certainly more and more competition in a scene which isn't huge compared to say London or Manchester. For this reason we think its important now more than ever for promoters in Glasgow to work together and we hope to see more of that.

S: For the launch of Rumours you have enlisted the Ninja Tune signed Dark Sky and local grime aficionado Jinty. What can we expect from these bookings and how important do you think it is to support the local talent?

R: We've been really feeling Dark Sky's stuff recently and we thought it was high time someone brought the sound to Glasgow. Almost every Dark Sky production we hear is an instant classic and the DJ sets we've heard have been exciting and eclectic taking in garage, funky, house, rnb, hip-hop, drum and bass and more. Expect to be singing along to chopped up vocals, swimming in seas of luscious synths and bass, and busting moves you never though you had. Jinty's sets are always hyped, he's a hardcore grime head and does it the old fashioned way. Expect people to be bouncing off the ceiling, swinging round the pole and screaming for more after every pull up. As for local talent, we think its really important for clubnight's to support it and provide a platform for up and coming local artists to show their skills off, so we'll be continuing to do that as well as showing off our own of course!

S: Finally, what are your ultimate plans for Rumours and what can we look forward to in 2011? Do you intend on making it a monthly event and will you be keeping it dark & dirty at Forbidden or moving about?

R: Well we have touched on ideas for another party at the end of next month and if that goes ahead it will most likely be at Forbidden since we think we've discovered a hidden gem there! However it partly depends on how this first night goes and what sort of reaction we get. There have been talks of doing it less often so that each event is really a one-off. Lets just say watch this space and listen out for the rumours!

WHAT: Rumours Launch Party
WHO: Dark Sky (Ninja Tune), Jinty (Gutter Riddim) & Residents
WHERE: Forbidden Basement, 96 Maxwell St (Behind St Enoch Centre)
WHEN: Saturday 26th March 10-3am
TAX: £5/6/7

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