Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Four More Tunes ft/Bad Autopsy & Jinty: Review

Following the visit of Hackman last month One More Tune has brought an urban feel back to the Art School over the last few months, most recently provided by a vocal laden 2-step and garage set from East London's own Bad Autopsy. If you don't know him already you soon will, 2011 is looking to be a busy year as lots of blogs have been picking up on his unmastered demos and complimenting his rough and ready style recently. If he's been going round the country playing sets like this then he's not been doing his reputation any harm either.

That being said it wasn't one of the busier One More Tunes that I've been to and that came as a surprise, there's only three more of the Art School's favourite dance parties left before the venue closes for refurbishment and I had been expecting the room to be packed out for Bad Autopsy.

The OMT faithful didn't seem to care however and responded well to Bad Autopsy's grimey funky style, no doubt thanks in large to his supporting act Jinty. If you're going to bring Bad autopsy up from London you've got to back him up with one of Glasgow's foremost exponents of everything bassy, and as usual One More Tune pitched it just right.

Jinty's been hosting Gutter Riddim on Subcity Radio for almost 6 months now and it's already one of the stations most listened to shows, plus he's often spotted spinning vinyl to a roomful of enthusiastic bassheads in basement clubs and house parties so he was a familiar face and name to many. He warmed up the crowd a treat and I really enjoyed his set, no complaints.

Four More Tunes was good, as per. Next time Three More Tunes is taking us back to 1984 - not that any of us will remember much of it - with themed sets from Slow It Down, Define Define and Patchwork.

Onemoretune. Good enough to eat with a spoon.

Words: Chris Stevens

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