Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Innuendo Launch Party W/ Caspa: Review

It was a relatively quiet night at the Arches on Friday, which came as quite a surprise as Caspa is usually a big draw. There was a slight teething problem in the early stages and the doors didn’t open till 11.30, but no indication was given as to why this was. As the queue grew outside we could hear the guttural bass pumping through The Arches' mighty sound system and people were itching to be let in, with Caspa due on stage at the relatively early time of half past midnight folk were understandably anxious to get a few drinks inside them as soon as possible and warm up their dancing feet.

Once the security guards parted and the punters were allowed in, the dance arch started to fill up and Beta and Kappa of I AM and Front 2 Back fame visibly relished in suddenly having a crowd to play to, playing back to back in 15 minute stints they kept the energy high and the bass thundering through our feet. The crowd, though small were definitely there for a good time, throwing themselves into it with gusto and aplomb. By the time Caspa took to the decks there was an aura of intense excitement.

I’m a massive Caspa fan so I was really pumped about seeing him, I was definitely not alone in this. He had brought an MC with him who rapped and hyped for the duration of the set, this was perhaps a little bit of an overkill when the venue was only about half full and though down the front the bassheads were skanking to their hearts content you only had to step a few metres back and you found yourself stood in empty space, which was quite surreal. I’m not sure why it was so quiet, but the old adage quality not quantity held firm; those that had turned up really turned up and for some it was taps aff by 1am, no mean feat. The highlight of Caspa’s set for me was his remix of TC's 'Where’s My Money' and it appeared that much of the floor agreed with me as the largely male crowd went ape, literally. I always joke that people dance to dubstep look like crazed chimpanzees and on this occasion I was not wrong.

By the end of Caspa’s set the energy was flowing and Beta and Kappa returned to the stage to keep the crowd on a high till 3am when everyone was turfed out into the cold unforgiving night. In the main bar a wooden hoarding had been painted white and cordoned off for a pair of graffiti artists to paint a Bi-Winning tribute to Charlie Sheen, a few of the crowd had certainly channelled the big man tonight, it was just a shame there wasn't more of them.

Words: Chris Stevens

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