Monday, 14 March 2011

Blog Burner: The Shoes - Cover Your Eyes (Gesaffelstein Remix)


Now, it's been well documented recently that our patience with the common Electro 'banger' has worn a bit thin. Squelchy basslines and high pitched bleeps really don't sit well with us anymore - we prefer a more sophisticated approach to dancefloor chaos. Step in French Techno wizard, Gesaffelstein - his no nonsense approach to making us sweat doesn't involve ridiculous build ups or unnecessary squealing, just perfectly crafted atmospherics. Pick up his free remix of The Shoes below and catch him 29th of April at Spectra.

The Shoes - Cover Your Eyes (Gesaffelstein Remix)(Free Download)

There's no stopping it. Dance music's newest genre, Moombahton will no doubt be everywhere by the end of the year. And while it does retain some of the high pitched posturing we just rallied against, the jacking rhythms of 110BPM make it somewhat acceptable. This track by Munchi featured on Brodinski's 'European Introduction To Moombahton' compilation last month, and with a smooth-grooving RnB breakdown setting up a devastating drop it was definitely a stand out.

Munchi - Esta Noche

It's a 51st state hook up here, as Liverpool producer Mele provides the remix treatment for New York's Contakt and vice versa. Dropping as a free web release courtesy of Grizzly & Local Action, it's the Mele remix we dig the most as he jacks up 'Rhodophyta' with scuttling drums and a badman bassline which will most likely cause mass confusion on the dancefloor.

Contakt - Rhodophyta (Mele Remix) (Free Download)

Egyptrixx released his debut album 'Bible Eyes' last week, the first full-length release on the eccentric, bass-bastardising label Night Slugs. The album is of course a melting pot of the weird and wonderful, taking new twists on underground beats, from solarising Dubstep to shimmering Funky. This is our favourite cut featuring Trust:

Egyptrixx ft/ Trust - Chrysalis Records


  1. good gestaffelstein remix, funky & cool : ) gona be a good night at Spectra ..

    but still, give me an "electro banger" any day! still love my bleeps, squeeks and build ups thank you very much..

    DiScEtRo ; )

  2. Thanks for sharing btw using similar synth loops for my music projects