Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Local Hero: Koreless - 4D

Damn, incase you hadn't noticed we're on a major catch up at the moment. The weekend spiralled out of control with flashes of Fred Falke playing live bass at the Art School and hundreds of people cramming in to the flat on West Princes St where party royalty, Shit Disco once reigned supreme. Anyway, it left us a hungover mess so here are last week's hottest local tunes today:


Already compared to James Blake, Four Tet & Sbtrkt, Lewis Roberts aka Koreless is perhaps the hottest new name to come out of Glasgow. His lo-fi, dub fixtures have already caught the attention of Giles Peterson, Jamie XX and Benji B, while Pictures Music snapped up debut single '4D' in a heartbeat. His music is rich with texture, drawing you deep into the song's core with multiple layers all melting into one. Catch Koreless at the Deadly Rhythm launch party on Saturday 12th March.

Koreless - 4D

Ahhhh Bodymilk, if only you would reveal yourselves so we could shower you with undulating praise. This is the second free download from Glasgow's anonymous electro titans, the first 'Bad Ascii' maxed out on Soundcloud and we can see this going the same way. Complete with a 'Jeffer' inspired acid line and the sound of numerous dolphins going loco at Seaworld, this is eccentric, uplifting and we love it.

Bodymilk - Dolphin (Free Download)

ESQ does it again! Offering up a slamming slice of electro madness which is tried and tested on the dancefloor, this free download called 'From The Top' could well be his finest cut to date. A heavy, industrial bassline sits menacingly under bubbling synths before eventually giving way to a twisted riff straight from the pits of hell. The journey is completed by a tense outro which gently delivers you back to earth.

ESQ - From The Top (Free Download)

Finally, former Local Hero for Synth, Dajosm has adopted a new guise by the name of Monopunk. Presumably this new persona is strictly for the mind-bending electro he's been producing recently, and this new track 'Expo.Warning' is a perfect example. Warping basslines and a cheeky vocal sample combine to aim this straight at the dancefloor...

Monopunk - Expo.Warning

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