Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Weird Sounds In The Bathhouse Vol. 9

We listen to music a lot. A good portion of our day is spent reviewing music, sourcing obscurities from the internet or trawling through mixes. We're bombarded with so much promo hype that sometimes it can wash right over us without ever so much rendering an emotion. That is why, on a recent wet weekend in March we made a point of sitting down just to listen. It's this great art that really opens the door to deeper aural enjoyment - allowing yourself to get lost in a soundscape which takes you on a true journey...

And when it comes to planning that journey there can be no one better than RPZ's Hushpuppy or in this case his alter-ego the 'Abnormals'. His most recent mix is a true celebration of noise, taking in flashes of cosmic thunder, sound-twisting sonics and disturbing apocolyptic reflections. This is the true art of song selection being played right out infront of you, should you choose to really listen you can discover it's endless depth.

The Abnormals: "This one is more tuned for a night on your back full of codine phosphate. A slow and woozy blend of wrong speed rock, symphonic prog synths, afro-cosmic vibes, psyched-out reggae, Balearic soundtracks and wild jazz fusion insanity"

Listen and download below, get in touch for a full tracklisting:

Weird sounds in the bathhouse Vol.9 by abnormals

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