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Get to know...HaHaHa


Who: Frazer Graham
Sounds: Innovation House? Jungle Rhythm? Bass Tech? Best decide for yourself...

HaHaHa may well be the most exciting artist coming out of Glasgow right now. Quite an opening statement, but one which many people share. Recently snapped up by Mixed Bizness and newly acquired resident at Death Disco, Frazer Graham is carving his own sound, and it's no laughing matter. We've personally spent hours trying to describe his music and nine times out of ten come up empty. Infact, desperation has lead us to brand his music with entirely new genre's that may or may not do it justice, and while Glasgow may well be producing talent from all angles at the moment, no one sounds quite like HaHaHa.

His is a sound which is completely organic. Drawing inspiration from the eccentric, hoover-bashing Micachu & The Shapes, HaHaHa has sampled everything from dripping taps to snapping wood, making his music completely unique in the process. But that doesn't mean you should expect a mishmash of silly noises haphazardly thrown together to make a melody. Each song has the intricacy of a tapestry munk, with minute elements all working in harmony to create songs of gargantuan structure and impact. Last years 'Evil EP' (released on his own 'Swimteam' label no less) showcased five songs which, when played back to back leave you feeling lost in a world of hypnotic drumming and mesmerising sounds. Ultimately HaHaHa's music engages your senses and once it does you may as well relinquish your mind.

After reading this you would be forgiven for anticipating Frazer's music as a challenging listen, but each track works just as well in the club as in your headphones with recent Raksha collaboration, 'Running' using classic vocals over a grooving 4x4, breathing new life through 90's fundamentals. It's dancefloor gold and an indication of things to come as the duo prepare to release an EP in the not so distant future. Frazer's skills also extend beyond HaHaHa, he plays drums in Glasgow-based band Vendor Defender as well as releasing music under the guise Alpine Ski Champion with band mate Susan Bear, oh and he also helps organise Subcity Radio's hugely popular club nights, makes promotional videos, creates his own artwork...the list goes on. But it's with HaHaHa we find his talent most acutely focused and after hearing an advance of his forthcoming EP through The Sub Club's legendary soundsystem a couple weeks back we can confirm this Glasgow producer as anything but a joke...

Check out and download an exclusive recording of Hahaha's debut set for Death Disco in February as two recent collaborations with Raksha which are free to download:

HaHaHa vs Raksha - Running (Free Download) by HaHaHa

B1 Raksha vs HaHaHa - Planet Arium (Original Mix) by rakshadubs

HaHaHa @ Death Disco 19/02/2011 by Synth.

We also had the pleasure of catching up with him for a quick interview recently, here's what he had to say:

S: So things seem to really be picking up for you now with a new residency at Death Disco and invitations to play for Mixed Bizness. How did you originally get into dance music as a whole and when did you decide to get into production?

HHH: I got into dance music after seeing people play it live at Rockness a few years back, and started making electronic music towards the end of 2009. I used to have this really slow laptop with loads of software on it but never got round to actually learning how to use any of it cause my laptop was so shit. I was on tour with the band and someone stole my laptop from the venue, I lost years of music and photo's so it was bad at the time but it made me buy a mac, download ableton and learn how to use it.

S: You currently produce music under the guise of Hahaha, which has been likened to both ‘Submarine House’ and ‘Jungle Rhythm’. How would you describe your music to someone who may not have heard it and what influences your sound?

HHH: Ha, I like the sound of Submarine House. I guess it's house music but maybe with more song like structures? It's hard trying to describe your own music and much easier not to try. Glasgow's full of ridiculously talented people so I don't need to look far for inspiration.

The live show at Vitamins 2

S: You also make up one third of Glasgow-based band Vendor Defender and one half of Alpine Ski Champion who have had releases through your label ‘Swimteam Records’. How did the label come about and can we expect releases from artists you might not be so closely affiliated with?

HHH: Swimteam is a project I do with Suse Bear who's also in Alpine Ski Champion and Vendor Defender, we figured since we make so much music together it'd be cool to start a platform that allowed us to release our own music, and eventually get other people involved too. So far we've released a HaHaHa EP and and Alpine Ski Champion EP on Swimteam.

S: With regards to your production, what type of set up do you currently use? Is there any hardware involved and how do you approach a track?

HHH: I don't really have a standard way of approaching tracks, it's good to try and mix things up, my setup is growing quite nicely but I reckon the most important thing is just to have a nice room that you want to to chill and spend lots of time in. and to have good speakers.

S: You’ve had a lot of success bringing your sound to a live environment, your set at Subcity’s Halloween party - Dimension B, being a particular highlight. For people that are yet to see you live how do you bring the whole experience together?

HHH: Ahh Dimension B was fun, i think the highlight for me was 'I Am' at Sub Club last month, that was ace. Hmmm... I have some cowbells, drums, sample pads and other bits and bobs, its nice having things to hit.

Hahaha gets gassy at Dimension B

S: Finally, what have you got in store for 2011? Are there any forthcoming releases we should be looking forward to or any live dates that we need to get in the diary?

HHH: I couldn't have asked for a better start to the year so hopefully the rest of 2011 will go well too!

Upcoming shows:

Death Disco @ The Arches (Glasgow)
19/03/2011 (DJ)
w/ Hercules and Love Affair & Villa

Mixed Bizness @ The Art School (Glasgow)
13/05/2011 (LIVE)
w/ Teki Latex, DJ Orgasmic & Benny Boom

Mixed Bizness Takeover: Kelburn Castle
04/06/2011 (LIVE)

Hahaha on Soundcloud
Hahaha on Facebook
Swimteam Records Website

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